Survey Indicates Preference for Online Testing Among STEM Students

We recently sent out a survey to our student users to assess student learning preferences and overall perception of WebAssign. Over 20,000 students across the STEM disciplines in high school and higher education responded to our survey and provided valuable data regarding the company and education trends.

“Our survey data confirms that WebAssign is an effective tool for students to learn outside the traditional classroom setting,” said Andy Trus, WebAssign product manager. “Over 85% of the surveyed students feel WebAssign positively impacted their exam grades.”

When asked to evaluate an online versus paper preference for testing, students were first asked if they had previously taken an online exam. For respondents who had never taken an online test with WebAssign, only 22.5% indicated a preference for online testing. However, for respondents who had tested with WebAssign, 55% indicated a preference for online testing. The responses show that once a student completes at least one test online, the preference shifts to online testing.

Regarding WebAssign as an effective learning tool:

  • 85% of students said WebAssign positively impacted their exam grades
  • 80% of respondents rated the WebAssign registration process as easy
  • 73% considered WebAssign to be easy to use overall
  • 76.6% stated WebAssign helped them learn the course materials better than any other technology solution

Though the survey focused on student preferences, instructors also benefit from administering online tests with WebAssign for STEM courses. “Using instant grading via WebAssign is superior to a multiple-choice paper test for mass-testing,” commented Lisa Townsley, an academic professional in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia. “WebAssign provides a protected testing environment and enough flexibility to serve the needs of the pre-calculus curriculum at UGA.”

Stay tuned! More results from this student survey will be available on our website throughout the semester.

Remind Your Students to Register for WebAssign

Did you know that more than 85% of students using WebAssign feel that WebAssign positively impacted their exam grades? This overwhelming statistic was uncovered in a recent survey of more than 20,000 students across STEM disciplines in high school and higher education.

With that in mind, the end of the two-week grace period for free student access to WebAssign may be coming up. Even if you require WebAssign in your classroom, we have found that not all students take advantage of this learning tool without a little encouragement. Once your class has started we suggest you remind your students to officially register for WebAssign so they can access your homework assignments after this grace period ends. And, another fun fact, almost 80% of survey respondents rated the WebAssign registration process as easy, so no excuses!

You can determine the time left on the grace period in WebAssign by clicking “Open Student View” in the right-hand corner of the screen.

You can review your roster in WebAssign to determine the registration status of your students by clicking Roster under Class Tools.

Please Note: Even if students allow the grace period to lapse before registering, they can still register and pay for access at any time. Their submitted or saved work will be accessible after they purchase access.

If your students need assistance with access, class keys, or payment, please refer them to our student support team. And should you have any questions, our instructor support is also available for assistance.

New Term Tip: A Guide for New Students

It is easy for students to get started with WebAssign, but the set up of a new account can vary depending on their situation. Please share this step-by-step situation guide with your students to help them get started using WebAssign for the new term. These steps can also be viewed on our website.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.17.41 AM

New Student to WebAssign Guide

Regardless of how you access WebAssign, after logging in, you will not see your class until its start date. Check your syllabus, or ask your instructor or TA for details on your class start date.

Choose the option that best describes your situation:

My instructor has provided a class key in this format: myschool 1234 5678.

Great! Your class key enables you to create an account (or use one you already have), and you will be automatically added to the correct course and section. Enter your class key and log in.

My instructor has provided me with a username and password.

Well, that certainly makes things easy. Log in.

My class uses Blackboard.

If you are using Blackboard to access WebAssign, log in to WebAssign via Blackboard.

My instructor is using WebAssign, but I have not received any information.

To use WebAssign, your instructor must provide you with either a username and password for WebAssign or a class key, such as myschool 1234 5678. Check your syllabus for this information, or ask a TA or your instructor.

My instructor is not using WebAssign, but I want to use it.

WebAssign is generally used in a class at a school, with instructor-created assignments. However, depending on which materials you purchase, you might be able to view them in WebAssign, or we might be able to work something out with your instructor. Inquire further here.

I do not have an instructor. I want to use WebAssign to study the subject on my own.

WebAssign is primarily used in a class structure, with instructor-created assignments. Depending on the materials you purchase, you might be able to view some of them, such as an eBook. Inquire further here.

None of these options apply to me.

Please let us know your situation by creating a Customer Support case, and we’ll let you know your options.