Getting Students to Use WebAssign

Our greatest resource for figuring out how WebAssign can work best in your classroom is through you and your fellow teachers.  This blog post by a High School Physics teacher explains his approach to getting his students to put the effort into completing their WebAssign homework, something we love to see!

Check it out now!

Getting Students to Use WebAssign

Do you have a method that worked for getting students more involved in their homework, and consequentially their learning experience?  Let us know below!

WebAssign Webinars!

By now you and your students are probably fully settled in to the back-to-school routine.  Hopefully, the same is true for getting your WebAssign assignments up and running.  However, if you need a refresher course or would like to learn some of the more advanced capabilities WebAssign has to offer, we have a full host of webinars scheduled to assist with just that.

You can access any of these courses at a time that is convenient for you by going to our WebAssign WebEx  and registering in advanced.  Below is the full list of available sessions, dates, and times.  We hope these will help you with anything you are stuck on, but please let us know if there are any other features or problems you would like addressed with a webinar!

WebAssign 101

Basic introduction on how to use WebAssign from the instructor side, including creating courses, creating and scheduling assignments, and viewing your students’ scores.

Tuesday August 30 at 3:00pm EDT
Wednesday September 7 at 10:00am EDT
Thursday September 15 at 10:00am EDT

Using the WebAssign Gradebook

How to optimize your use of the WebAssign gradebook for grades taken in and out of WebAssign.

Friday September 23 at 10:00am EDT
Tuesday September 27 at 3:00pm EDT

Using the Assignment Editor

How to use the new Assignment Editor, including advanced settings, and assignment templates.

Tuesday September 6 at 3:00pm EDT
Monday September 12 at 3:00pm EDT
Thursday September 22 at 10:00am EDT

Show My Work

Introduction to our new “Show My Work” tool, which allows your students to demonstrate the steps they used to answer the question.

Friday September 2 at 10:00am EDT
Tuesday September 13 at 3:00pm EDT

Large Course Management in WebAssign

Guidance and best practices for managing large numbers of courses and/or students within WebAssign.

Friday September 9 at 10:00am EDT
Tuesday September 20 at 3:00pm EDT

Creating Questions – The Very Basics

For those instructors that want to create their own questions for homework assignments, but have no idea how to get started, this session is for you! In this session we’ll go over the basic modes of multiple-choice, multiple-select, and fill-in-the blank, and numerical questions types.

Thursday September 8 at 3:00pm EDT
Wednesday October 5 at 10:00am EDT

Creating Questions – Beyond the Basics

If you’ve tried to code a few of your own questions, and you want to do more with the simple question types, then you won’t want to miss this session. We’ll cover some additional options you can use with the basic modes, and start talking about how to randomize your questions.

Wednesday September 14 at 10:00am EDT
Thursday October 13 at 3:00pm EDT

Creating Math Questions

If you’re a math instructor who wants to make use of the new mathPad and calcPad when creating their own questions, then we can definitely help. In this session, we’ll cover the modes that use the pads (symbolic and algebraic mode), and help you to understand how to apply the pad to these question types. This session will be conducted with the experience level of the attendees in mind.

Monday September 19 at 3:00pm EDT
Tuesday October 4 at 10:00am EDT

Creating Chemistry Questions

If you’re a chemistry instructor who wants to create their own questions and learn how WebAssign coders use certain settings to support the learning of chemical principles, then this session is perfect for you. We will also talk about how to create questions using chemPad. This session will be conducted with the experience level of the attendees in mind.

Thursday September 29 at 3:00pm EDT
Wednesday October 12 at 10:00am EDT

WebAssign Users Group 2011

A few months ago held our 11th annual WebAssign Users Group (WAUG) Meeting and considered it a great success!  Over 100 users attended from 65 different institutions and we want to thank all of you who were able to join us.  Attendees learned about the most recent WebAssign advances and had the chance to interact with other customers as well as our own personnel.

For those of you who were unable to make it, here is a recap.  The two day event started with an “Introduction to WebAssign” hands-on course for new users, who enjoyed coffee and breakfast while receiving a crash course on getting up and running with WebAssign.  The rest of our attendees then joined us for a lunch reception and a welcome address by our CEO, Dr. John Risley.

Our presentations kicked-off with Lisa Townsley, a professor at the University of Georgia, who demonstrated using “WebAssign for Testing,” which covered frequency of testing, creating a secure testing environment, exploring the differences between homework questions and test questions, and considerations of security challenges.

Next, we learned about “Online Assignments for Labs,” as Lori Petrovich of NC State University and Steve Brown of the University of Arizona discussed steps to implementations, considerations that need to be made, and the impact on the lab experience for students. Afterward, Jennifer Whitfield, the Director of Online Homework Systems at Texas A&M, captured our attention by demonstrating the “Personal Study Plan as a Calculus 1 Preparation Tool.”  The collaboration between Texas A&M and WebAssign’s PSP tool has produced a creative solution for identifying students’ individual mathematical weaknesses and for providing opportunities for these students to strengthen their identified mathematical weaknesses before they begin their calculus journey.

We ended the day with a panel of speakers including Barbara Illwosky from DeAnza Community College, Mark Bishop from Monterey Peninsula College, Carl Stitz from Lakeland Community College and Jeff Zeager from Lorain County Community College.  Jointly they presented their views on “Affordability: The New Open Resource Library” and discussed their innovative new product approaches, the pros/cons of open source content, the ability to customize, living without the physical text, and ways in which the community can work together to improve quality and increase affordability for students.

To wrap up our day of great presentations everyone headed back to the WebAssign Headquarters for a social hour complete with delicious appetizers, drinks, and a WAUG cake! Please note that PDFs for all of these great presentations are available for download on our website.

We opened our second day of the conference with time to mingle during breakfast before launching into a series of presentations on new features in WebAssign and a preview of what things to look forward to in 2010.  After lunch, attendees were given a choice of small breakout sessions in order to narrow in on those topics that were of the most interest to them, including an option for one on one sessions with some of our experienced coders.     After giving everyone a chance to ask any unanswered questions, we closed the Users Group with a dinner reception on the patio.

We truly enjoyed catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and hearing everyone’s feedback.  For more pictures from the event  go to Facebook. If you were unable to make it to out to WAUG 2011 we truly hope you will be able to join us next year!

Back to School!

Hopefully the transition into another new school year has been a smooth one for you so far.

We hope you will find this blog a valuable source of information regarding not only your WebAssign experience, but also for information on the latest teaching technologies, and the world of math and science.

I’m sure you have all had a busy summer preparing for classes and hopefully taking a vacation or two.  This summer WebAssign was working to create a community forum for our users to come together to share best practice methods, tips and tricks, and how WebAssign is working for YOU.   Join us on Twitter and Facebook now for the very latest news, tips, information, release, and updates.   Offer your own insight, or come learn something new from your colleagues.

CEO Dr. John Risley in front of our new WebAssign sign

This is also our first fall in our new office space and it has been great having everyone under one roof, working more closely together.  Being in an open space allows for lots of collaboration and flow if ideas.

But enough about us, we want to hear from you!  How have you prepared for your new class, and what features could WebAssign add to better help set up your assignments at the beginning of the school year?