WebAssign 101 Virtual Workshop

New to WebAssign and looking for a crash course in our online homework system?  Or perhaps you want to brush up on our best practice tips to get the new semester started off on the right foot?

We have the perfect solution for you!  You’re invited to a live 60 minute virtual training workshop about all things WebAssign.  Sessions start June 7th and run through August 9th with many dates and times in between.

In these sessions we will focus on:

  • Creating Courses, Assignments (including Tests & Quizzes), and Questions
  • Rostering your classes
  • Setting up the GradeBook
  • Utilizing supplementary materials
  • Other tips and tricks to help your students and save you time!

Visit our WebAssign 101 page and sign up today for a time that works best for you!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

New Content Available in WebAssign!

We are always working to add new content to our current question offering.  The following textbooks are now available in WebAssign for classroom use.

Physical Science

Friday Funny!

A musical themed Friday Funny:

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WebAssign Math Tools Are Now iPad Compatible!

Selected WebAssign math tools are now available on the iPad, just in time for summer classes!  The tools included in this compatibility update include mathPad, calcPad, and the Graphing Tool.

It makes no difference in grading whether work  is completed on an iPad or on another supported platform. However, there are some differences in how you work on the iPad to be aware of that you can read more about in our online help.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we are in the process of updating more supported WebAssign tools for the iPad, which will be ready in the near future.

mathPad display:

calcPad display:

Graphing Tool display:

iPad Tips:

  • You can answer WebAssign questions in Safari on any iPad with iOS5 or higher.
  • You cannot copy or paste parts of the expression.
  • Tapping the pad button is usually faster and easier than using the keyboard.
  • Typing an opening parenthesis, bracket, or brace automatically inserts a closing parenthesis, bracket, or brace.
  • To prevent the on-screen keyboard from hiding part of the problem or your work, turn your iPad to work in portrait mode. Also, consider using a split keyboard.
  •  Double-tap what you want to select. Double-tap another location to extend your selection. For example, in the expression 3x/2:
    1. Double-tap 3 to select 3.
    2. Double-tap the selection to select 3x.
    3. Double-tap the selection again to select the entire fraction

iPad Support for Graphing Tool:

The iPad version of the graphing tool includes all of the same functionality as the desktop version, but does have some differences in usage. To use the iPad version of the graphing tool, you select objects by tapping object buttons and plot objects on the graph by tapping points in the graphing area. You can refine and change the properties of any object you plot by using Graph Layers. To view Graph Layers, click the arrows in the upper-right corner of the graphing tool or select an object on the graph.

  • To select an object in a drawer, like a ray or line segment, tap the drawer and then tap the object you want to select.
  •  To adjust an object’s properties use Graph Layers. You can access graph layers by selecting an object or by tapping the arrows located to the right of the clear all button. For example, you would used Graph Layers to make a dashed line.
  • After you graph an object, the object is selected. To draw a new object you must select a drawing tool.
  • Always fill in objects last. If you make a change to the graph after adding fills, they will be deleted.

For more details on operation and use, see Use Graphing Tool on an iPad.

WebAssign Community Service: BackPack Buddies

Question: How long does it take eight WebAssign employees to pack 140 backpacks full of nutritious food for children in need?

Answer: One hour!

As part of our new community outreach program, a group of WebAssign employees spent time volunteering at the food shelter this week with the BackPack Buddies initiative. In an effort to demonstrate WebAssign’s commitment to enriching our community, WebAssign employees are eligible for up to 16 hours of paid community service each year.

The BackPack Buddies Program provides children from food-insecure homes, meaning they do not have “access at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life,” with weekend meals during the school year. The children, who are selected by school administrators, receive a backpack containing six balanced meals and two healthy snacks at the end of each week. Often this is the only nutritious food the children will receive over the weekend.

The volunteer coordinator, Kyle, (a former WebAssign student himself) explained that over 1,500 children are enrolled in BackPack Buddies at 49 schools in 7 local counties.  We had a great time working together to fill backpacks full of essential food and hope to be back soon! To learn more about this program and how you can get involved, check out their online brochure.

Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition 2012

WebAssign will be at FAME2012 Thursday, May 17th through Saturday, May 19th.   In addition to our WebAssign table, Erik Epp, Chemistry Visioneer, will be presenting on Approximations in General Chemistry (Poster 11, Saturday, May 19th).  Check out the abstract below:

Approximations, such as significant figures, valence electrons, the ideal gas law, and solubility rules, are used to simplify concepts at the introductory level.  However, there is variation in how these approximations are described in different sources.  This presentation examines the differences and the pedagogical reasoning behind the choices leading to these differences.  Implications for textbook and learning system adoption will be discussed.

If you are going to be in the Florida area this week please stop by our booth to say hi and check out our poster presentation!  While you are there be sure to enter our “Pin the tail on the approximation!” contest to have your say and a chance to win some great prizes.  Hope to see you there!

Friday Funny!

A math joke to get you in the summer spirit:

Question: What does trigonometry have in common with the beach?

Answer: Tan Gents!

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