New Username Lookup Tool

Forgot your username after a summer away from scheduling homework assignments? No problem! Now WebAssign users who have forgotten their username or password can use the email address associated with the account to look up this important information. This works the same for students and professors, so be sure and pass on the details to your class so they can start the new semester off right.

For more details, see look up username.

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Q: Have you heard the latest statistics joke?

A: Probably.

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New iPad-compatible homework tools from WebAssign!

With more students arriving on campus outfitted with Apple’s latest hardware device, we knew most of them would want to be able to complete and submit their assignments with it.  So, after several months of diligent work, we’re happy to announce that WebAssign’s math and physics tools are now available on the iPad, with our most recent updates to the  NumberLine and physPad. Previous updates included mathPad, calcPad, and the Graphing Tool which you can read more about here.

iPad Support for NumberLine

Students can now answer NumberLine questions on the iPad with no major changes made to this tool.

Tip: Placing objects accurately on the NumberLine might be easier if you pinch to zoom in.

iPad Support for physPad

It makes no difference to your grade whether you complete your work on an iPad or on another supported platform. However, there are some differences in how you work on the iPad:

  • The tools palette is displayed on the right.
  • The locations of some buttons are different. Specifically, all buttons are contained in button groups.
  • The expression is displayed larger while you are editing it.
  • You cannot copy or paste parts of the expression.
  • Tapping the pad button is usually faster and easier than using the keyboard.
  • Typing an opening parenthesis, bracket, or brace automatically inserts a closing parenthesis, bracket, or brace.

Tip: To prevent the on-screen keyboard from hiding part of the problem or your work, turn your iPad to work in portrait mode. Also, consider using a split keyboard.
  • These tools are tested and supported only for Safari on iPad with iOS5 or higher.
  • Other browsers and iOS versions might work, but are not supported.
  • Performance might be slower on iPad 1 than on iPad 2.
  • Using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad might work, but is not supported. Navigation keys on Bluetooth keyboards do not move the insertion point.

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WebAssign Unveils New Version of Blackboard Building Block

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version of the Blackboard Building Block™!  This enhanced Version 2.0 provides new functionality to meet current users’ growing needs, and includes the ability:

  • ·         for LTI-compliant single sign-on
  • ·         to synchronize Blackboard course rosters to linked WebAssign courses
  • ·         to synchronize student grades from WebAssign directly to the Blackboard Gradebook
  • ·         to select a textbook when creating a WebAssign course created through Blackboard
  • ·         to create a linked WebAssign course from within Blackboard

“Our latest Building Block greatly enhances the experience for our users at Blackboard-adopting institutions,” said Mark Santee, director of marketing for WebAssign. “By eliminating the manual download of grades from WebAssign to be later uploaded into Blackboard, we’ve not only simplified the process but have saved faculty considerable time otherwise spent doing administrative tasks.”

The new integration was released as Blackboard hosted its BbWorld 2012 Conference last week in New Orleans. For more information about utilizing this newest release please visit our online instructor guide.

Teacher Spotlight: Carol Peabody

Meet the winner of the WebAssign Users Group online survey, Carol Peabody!  Carol is a chemistry teacher at Delaware Valley Regional High School in Hunterdon County, NJ, who has been teaching high school science for 21 years.  Although Carol was unable to attend WAUG in person, she followed the event by watching the presentations and sessions that were streamed online through Livestream. If you didn’t get a chance to attend WAUG, check out Livestream for select presentations that are now available online, or join us next year!  You can also find photos of WAUG on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates about the latest WebAssign happenings.

How long have you used WebAssign?

I have used WebAssign for five years now, but only in my AP Chemistry class. I find it easy to use, but I still have a lot to learn about it.  For the past 3 years, I have wanted to attend the WAUG conference, but something has always gotten in the way – this year I had reserved my spot but had to cancel at the last minute; having some of the conference available through Livestream was very helpful.

Are there any particular teaching practices that you employ to get your students to learn?

I try to engage students by incorporating a lot of “hands-on” activities, including labs and other small group work.  I use clickers for formative (but not summative) assessment; students seem to enjoy those.  A current interest involves moving away from delivering content through classroom lecture and the employment of other instructional techniques.  I will also be training this summer in how to utilize those to help make my classes more student-centered.

What are your “best practice” tips for using WebAssign in the classroom?

What works for me and my students is giving them multiple tries (for most questions, I make it 5 tries) but encouraging them to check with me before using up their last couple of tries.  I like how they are forced to try to figure out why they’re wrong, rather than just passively waiting until the next day to even find out whether their answers are right or wrong.  Students really seem to like the practice another version option.

Also, I just began using the penalty option for accepting late responses.  I’ve also made ample use of giving students bonus percentages for responses they submit at least 24 hours before the due dates – that encourages some of them to stay ahead of the deadline

I use WebAssign’s forums to post information, but not for discussion; my students have formed their own Facebook page, where they have their discussions.  The polls are something I want to incorporate in the future.

What sessions did you listen to on Livestream and what was your overall experience with WAUG online?

I wasn’t able to attend the actual WAUG conference in person, but it was wonderful to have the live streaming option.  I watched a little of the first day and much of the second day online and have since gone back to watch the videos that were recorded for the parts that I missed.  I thought the quality of the streaming was excellent; it even worked with my wireless router so I didn’t have to hook up with an Ethernet cable, which doesn’t always happen.  Thank you for providing this opportunity!

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A: Na

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