Tips and Tricks: Announcements

Did you know that WebAssign lets you easily alert  your  students to pertinent course information?

By utilizing the Announcements functionality, you are able to communication information such as:

    • A cancelled class
    • A change in an assignment or due date
    • Course description
    • Test reminder
    • Link to a website
    • To clarify a point or concept that may have your students confused

Your students can see your message to them on their Homepage when they log in to WebAssign. You can preview your announcement before you post it for your students.

When you no longer want your students to view an announcement, you can remove it from your students’ Homepage by archiving it, or remove it completely by sending it to the trash.

Additionally, you can reorder how announcements are shown to students and even share announcements across classes and sections.

To access the Announcements page, click on the Communication link under Class Tools from the ClassView page.

This flexible communication tool is a practical and easy way to keep your students up-to-date regarding your course. For more information visit our instructor support page.

How have you used this tool in your classroom?  Let us know here!

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