Physics Experiment – Helium Balloon in a Car

In physics, labs and lecture demonstrations are great teaching tools, but sometimes there are experiments that may not be easy to duplicate in a classroom.  In these cases, a short demonstration video can fill the need.  These days there are a huge number of demo videos that can be easily found on YouTube or other video hosting sites.  At WebAssign, we enjoy finding interesting videos that instructors may find useful in their own teaching.

Here is very nice demonstration (made by a student!) of the buoyant force and the differential in air pressure created by acceleration.  Watch for the comparison between the helium balloon and an air-filled balloon starting at around 5:35.

For more on enhancing your physics class with video, check out WebAssign’s Physics Direct Measurement Video content, developed by physics instructor Peter Bohacek.

Have you or your students produced a video demonstrating a principle of physics? If so, we want to see them!  Send in your recorded physics experiments today.

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