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One fifth, two fifth, red fifth, blue fifth

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Ask Your Teacher Upgrades

Upcoming upgrades to the Ask Your Teacher feature, which will be available in mid June, are a direct result of customer feedback. Many instructors requested the ability for students to relate their questions to a specific problem, instead of the whole assignment, to make it easier to reference the problem the student has questions on and respond more efficiently.

These new upgrades meet this goal as well as reduce the amount of time for instructors to answer student questions, improve the relevance of information provided to the instructor, and simplify the process for students to view communication from their teacher.

What has changed with the latest version of Ask Your Teacher?AYT 1

  • See the student’s question and the specific randomization of the problem in one streamlined design.
  • Access previous responses and assignment progress.
  • View multiple questions from the same student.
  • Report content issues easily with one click.

How does this work for students?AYT2

  1. Included with each question is a button for students to send an “Ask Your Teacher” request.
  2. The student will see an icon next to the assignment once the instructor has responded to his or her question.
  3. Instructor responses are displayed in-line with the problem.

Enable Ask Your TeacherAYT3

Ask Your Teacher is enabled by default for all new courses. If a course was copied from a previous term, the settings of the previous course will be respected. The upgrades to Ask Your Teacher will apply only to courses created after June 4, 2014. Ask Your Teacher may be enabled or disabled from the Communications panel by clicking on “Settings.”  Instructors also have the ability within these settings to automatically forward all student requests to their email.

Learn MoreAYT4

For questions about Ask Your Teacher and other features contact Customer Support. For more information about how WebAssign can help you achieve your teaching goals, contact a sales rep at 800.955.8275 or and visit our website at

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Using WebAssign for Placement Tests

Did you know that WebAssign can be used to administer placement tests?  

Almost all two-year colleges and many four-year colleges require new students to take at least one placement test when they first enroll in school. Community colleges, most of which admit all students with a high school degree, tend to rely on these tests because their entering students can have a wide range of skill levels. Several universities currently use WebAssign to assess students’ proficiency in one or more subject areas with a placement test to determine which course they should register for next. 


Using WebAssign’s flexible features and assignment settings, you can design a battery of placement tests that cover different topics, rather than a single long test, in order to obtain separate scores for each topic. A battery of tests can be designed to cover progressively more advanced subject matter and use the conditional release of assignments feature to end the testing after a student completes the first assessment for which they do not achieve a specified cutoff score.

WebAssign also offers several security measures such as requiring students to enter a password, to take the test at a specific location, and a LockDown Browser. Additionally, you can require students to certify that they completed the work on their own or that they have complied with your school’s honor code. As a best practice, placement tests are usually given as timed assignments with only one submission allowed.

To learn more details about creating placement tests with WebAssign, see the following topics:

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WAUG Schedule and T-Shirt Design

The schedule of presentations for the 2014 WebAssign Users Group Meeting is now available. Please note that this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change, but should give you an idea of what to expect during WAUG this year. As you can see we have a great lineup of speakers and presentation topics that we think you will all enjoy and learn a lot from!

Sign up now to attend sessions such as Cheating Prevention Methods, a High School Community Question/Assignment Swap, Large Course Management, Using Social Media to Keep Students Involved, and a Question Coding Workshop. As always we will have sessions dedicated to math, physics, and chemistry as well. 

A WAUG General Ticket includes access to all agenda sessions, discounted hotel stay, breakfast and lunch each day, a networking dinner on Thursday evening, and a WAUG T-shirt and goodie bag. Below is a sneak peek at this year’s WAUG T-shirt design. 

Register for WAUG today if you haven’t done so already as space is limited and spots are filling up fast!

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Chemistry Cat (2)

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