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A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.


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New Term Tip: A Guide for New Students

It is easy for students to get started with WebAssign, but the set up of a new account can vary depending on their situation. Please share this step-by-step situation guide with your students to help them get started using WebAssign for the new term. These steps can also be viewed on our website.

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New Student to WebAssign Guide

Regardless of how you access WebAssign, after logging in, you will not see your class until its start date. Check your syllabus, or ask your instructor or TA for details on your class start date.

Choose the option that best describes your situation:

My instructor has provided a class key in this format: myschool 1234 5678.

Great! Your class key enables you to create an account (or use one you already have), and you will be automatically added to the correct course and section. Enter your class key and log in.

My instructor has provided me with a username and password.

Well, that certainly makes things easy. Log in.

My class uses Blackboard.

If you are using Blackboard to access WebAssign, log in to WebAssign via Blackboard.

My instructor is using WebAssign, but I have not received any information.

To use WebAssign, your instructor must provide you with either a username and password for WebAssign or a class key, such as myschool 1234 5678. Check your syllabus for this information, or ask a TA or your instructor.

My instructor is not using WebAssign, but I want to use it.

WebAssign is generally used in a class at a school, with instructor-created assignments. However, depending on which materials you purchase, you might be able to view them in WebAssign, or we might be able to work something out with your instructor. Inquire further here.

I do not have an instructor. I want to use WebAssign to study the subject on my own.

WebAssign is primarily used in a class structure, with instructor-created assignments. Depending on the materials you purchase, you might be able to view some of them, such as an eBook. Inquire further here.

None of these options apply to me.

Please let us know your situation by creating a Customer Support case, and we’ll let you know your options.

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New Term Tip: Prepare Your Students for WebAssign

A new school year means students who may be new to WebAssign. Make sure your students are as prepared as you are to maximize their WebAssign experience. To help get your class up and running, we’ve created a printable Student Quick Start Guide for you to share with your students.


Based on feedback from instructors like you, we recommend you download and distribute our Student Quick Start Guide as a tool to introduce your students to our system so they have a handy reference on common WebAssign tasks such as logging in and submitting assignments. If you are looking for a more customized version of these guides for a specific classroom setup, check out our available Custom Quick Start Guides.

A full collection of new-term resources can be found on our website, including our new Interactive Best Practices Guide for setting up your course.

As always, if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to open a Customer Support Case.

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Cell division

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WebAssign Gives Back

The WebAssign Matching Donation Program supports employees in their personal philanthropic efforts by matching individual contributions to social services, disease research, environmental organizations, hospitals, museums, public and private schools, universities and more! In the past 5 years WebAssign has matched $18,000.

Recently a WebAssign employee and her husband donated money to help build a playground for an orphanage in Vietnam, which WebAssign matched. With the WebAssign donations and additional support from the Bridge Back Foundation, the playground was completed this year. WebAssign also donated shirts and bags to the children of the orphanage.Vietnam1Vietnam updatedVietnam2

WebAssign is proud to support charitable programs such as this one and also provides each employee with 16 hours of paid time off that are specifically dedicated to volunteer efforts.

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