New Analytics Tool for Students

We are excited to announce the release of our latest analytics feature for students, My Class Insights.

my-class-insights screenshot 7_24_15


Integrated with the WebAssign application, My Class Insights gives students an overview of concepts they have learned and topics they are struggling on based on data from students’ first attempt on a problem.

The user-friendly interface shows students a summary view of concept mastery, as well as provides the subsequent steps in the learning process. A practice button appears next to each topic so students can dive deeper into a series of similar question types.

“My Class Insights gives students more data and control over their learning, making WebAssign a powerful tool for increasing student engagement,” said Jack Narayan, WebAssign chief academic officer and mathematics professor. “Now students can quickly see the areas they need to pay more attention to, and the data presented in My Class Insights should encourage them to fully invest in learning before an exam.”

My Class Insights was designed primarily to act as a study tool, but can also be used as remediation or to identify gaps in prerequisite course knowledge. This new feature will be available via the student homepage in WebAssign for a select group of Summer II courses and will be available to all students for Fall 2015 courses. This is the latest feature in a series of analytical tools and reports WebAssign will continue to release throughout the year.

New Analytics Feature, Class Insights

We have some exciting news! Class Insights, our new analytics feature, was officially launched on May 13. This new feature gives instructors a detailed and analytical view of their students’ performance throughout the course. For example, instructors can quickly see the number of attempts to correctly answer questions, and questions for which a large percentage of the class had trouble are flagged. With this view, instructors easily can identify topics or concepts that may be confusing to students. One of the highlights of Class Insights is the ability to identify at-risk students early in the semester. Like most WebAssign features, all settings are completely customizable so instructors can configure settings to suit their classroom needs.

class_insights_overview (2)

“Sharing the data WebAssign collects about student performance with instructors in a digestible way provides powerful information that helps them increase learning results,” said Andy Trus, product manager. “We’re excited to hear how our early adopters are using Class Insights to improve the teaching and learning experience.”

This new feature has been well received by a select group of beta testers who have explored the new tool. “I use Class Insights to help zero in on which sections of the book, topics, and questions are problem areas for my students, then build my review based on that,” said Daniel Roddin, Professor at the Minnesota School of Business. Other instructors agree this feature has a broad capacity of uses to support both teachers and students.

Download our guide to make the most of using Class Insights.