Wanted: Beta Testers for a New General Chemistry Text

Stephen Matchett, a professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, has written a textbook aimed at the second semester of a General Chemistry course. This text is unique in that it is fully interactive by taking advantage of the power of WebAssign to engage the students as they read. Each chapter is written as a series of interactive sessions (4-9 pages) which can be mixed and matched to follow the instructor’s pedagogy. Imagine your students showing up to class having actually read the material prior to the lecture. This textbook is designed to make student reading a functional and not ignored part of the coursework.

Features include:

  • A conversational style that speaks to the student not at them.
  • Fully worked practice problems.
  • Pedagogy to teach students how to read science texts. By asking questions directly about the graphs and figures, students are shown how to interpret graphical information.
  • An emphasis on building a full conceptual understanding as well as problem solving.
  • More than 700 questions that build on the lessons presented. Most of the questions are linked to the interactive textbook so that an incorrect response lets the student open the appropriate section in a parallel window so they can review as they work through the problems.
  • Emphasis on continuous review and building a context-rich understanding of the material.

The textbook has been used for 3 years in a second semester General Chemistry class at GVSU by 2 instructors. Beta testers are wanted to get broader feedback about the effectiveness and convenience of the system. Beta testers would have email and phone access to the author and be asked to:

  1. Seek feedback from their students about how the system works for them.
  2. Search for areas in need of clarification or expansion to improve the book. A small record of issues or comments would be appreciated.
  3. Provide feedback on how it was used (optional reading vs. required; flipped vs. traditional classroom)

Cost: Free to the tester and their students during the 2015-2016 academic year!

If you are interested, please contact WebAssign for a copy of the table of contents, contact information for the author, and access to the current version of the text.